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trening bezb voznjeSafe driving training

Experience has no price

Learn how to protect your life!

All drivers who have concluded an MTPL or casco policy with DDOR have the opportunity to attend one of the additional training sessions – safe driving training sessions in the National Driving Academy NAVAK, free of charge or at discounted prices.

Training sessions are held at training grounds and using the Academy’s training cars under expert supervision: you will have the opportunity to experience a simulated frontal collision, overturning, pedestrians suddenly appearing in front of the vehicle, sudden braking in a line of cars, in strictly controlled surroundings… and you will learn how to handle these and similar situations.

The NAVAK Center is located in the village of Subotište next to Pećinci, 46 km from Belgrade and approximately the same distance from Novi Sad (

Driving License Plus – safe driving training free of charge

Who can enroll – All drivers in Serbia with DDOR’s MTPL policy will receive „Driving License Plus“ – a specially developed Introductory session of safe driving training in NAVAK, the National Driving Academy, free of charge. As part of MTPL insurance, which can be purchased at identical prices in all insurance companies, drivers who have or decide to conclude DDOR’s policy will receive a specific training for handling dangerous situations – training which has already saved many lives!

The „Driving License Plus“ training is intended for all those who have a valid insurance policy of „DDOR Novi Sad“ and a valid driving license, regardless of age, residence, previous experience, and type of car they drive.

How to schedule – Schedule your free training for „Driving License Plus“ in NAVAK on 011/718-02-42.

When scheduling your training session, you need to have the number of your MTPL policy with DDOR, driving license, and ID card. You can transfer your right to training sessions to a member of your family, and instead of training for „Driving License Plus“, you can receive a 30% discount on other training sessions in the NAVAK center.

Where – The MTPL policy can be concluded at all technical check points and in DDOR’s operating units, enabling you to realize your right to Driving License Plus.

Safe driving trainings along with casco insurance

To all its insureds who conclude casco policies with annual premium above 200 euros, „DDOR Novi Sad“ is giving away safe driving trainings in the National Driving academy (NAVAK)! All insureds are eligible for this gift, regardless of whether they are insuring their vehicle with „DDOR Novi Sad“ for the first time, or renewing insurance.

Along with every casco policy with annual premium between 200 and 400 euros, we are giving away introductory safe driving training.

Along with every casco policy with annual premium over 400 euros, we are giving away intensive safe driving training.

All insureds who complete the Introductory or Intensive safe driving training will receive an additional 10% discount on casco premium for the following year for the following risks: collision, impact, overturn, slipping, and tumbling.

How you can start training – After purchasing the Casco Master Policy, you need to provide the data of the person who will attend training sessions, at DDOR’s point of sale: first name, last name, personal ID number, driving license number, mobile phone number, number and date of purchasing the casco policy. You will receive a guarantee letter with a unique number for the user’s training. You will find all further information for making reservations for training sessions in the guarantee letter.

Additional details

For additional details about safe driving trainings, please visit

* Procedure for delivering NAVAK trainings to legal entities is partially different from the one for individuals.