Business and Career

Business and Career

DDOR Novi Sad – an opportunity for the very best!

The factors of our success to date – income from premiums, cost management, internal processes – are being enriched by new factors in tune with global trends, such as flexibility, quickness of response, learning skills, etc.

It is necessary to implement business strategies, but it is becoming increasingly more necessary to involve all the employees in the fulfillment of those strategies.

The work environment in DDOR is based on the following:

  • We create a team which achieves outstanding results
  • We believe in human potential – we create an advantage through the combined efforts of each and every individual
  • We strive to become the most attractive employer for the most successful employees in the field of insurance
  • We endeavor to promote mutual trust and social responsibility

Strategic elements of our HR:

  • Identification – pertains to the level of the individual, i.e. every employee
  • Professionalism – pertains to knowledge and skills of employees
  • Appreciation – pertains to motivating employees
  • Exceptional performance – pertains to the level of the organization as a whole

If the above poses a challenge for you and you are ready to direct your knowledge and skills towards a common goal, join us in delivering superior results!