ISO Standards


Company DDOR has included two more significant ISO certificates in its integrated management system -ISO 14001, which defines standards of the environmental protection management system, and ISO 45001, dedicated to the occupational health and safety management system.

The two new standards were added to four existing ones, which are a confirmation of strong focus on efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system, continuity in meeting client demands, and provision of services according to clearly defined procedures, while ensuring a high level of information security, in line with the highest business standards and market demands.

Aside from that, by obtaining these certificates, DDOR osiguranje has confirmed that it cares for the health and safety of its employees and for the environment. Obtaining the certificates is another step to improving the dedication to these areas, and shows that specific measures were undertaken so that employees would work in a safe environment, while also caring for environmental protection. Doing business in accordance with certificates of this type has a significant impact on the community by promoting sustainability, environmental protection, health and safety. Such operations have a key role in creating a better and safer environment for all of us, and contribute to achieving sustainable development goals and well-being of the community.

Since 2006, company DDOR has been continuously renewing the quality management system certificate according to the international norm ISO 9001, certificate ISO 27001 for the information security management system (since 2016), certificate ISO 22301 for the business continuity management system (since 2021), and certificate ISO 10002, which pertains to the complaint handling system and constitutes quality management in terms of service user satisfaction (obtained in 2015). The company was thus qualified as the first insurance company in Serbia to receive the “Protected consumer” trademark. All the systems constitute a whole from the standpoint of business process management in company “DDOR Novi Sad” a.d.o. and are part of the Integrated Management System (IMS) with the following goals:

  • Maximum understanding of our product and service users’ demands, constant improvement of their quality, equal significance of satisfaction of clients, business partners and employees, as well as focus on strengthening the position on the national market.
  • Protection of the company’s information assets, protection of personal and confidential data of clients and business partners.
  • Maintaining the quality and continuity of operations in the best interest of the company, our clients and associates.
  • Doing business in line with principles of protection and improvement of environmental conditions, as well as caring for employee health and safety.

With firm belief in the quality of the established Integrated Management System, company DDOR guarantees to its clients and business partners:

  • Reproducibility, traceability and efficiency in the provision of insurance services.
  • Professionalism, accuracy and responsibility in mutual communication and solving requests for services.
  • An efficient and effective process of receiving and resolving complaints, without discrimination.
  • Information and other information assets are protected in a way that corresponds to the potential security risk.
  • The interests of internal and external users, business partners and other stakeholders, including their personal data, are the focus of information security protection.
  • Security and continuity of work of IT resources and recovery of information and systems in case of incidents and disasters.
  • Responsible attitude towards environmental protection and the well-being of society as a whole, the local community, business partners and other stakeholders.
  • Constant re-examination and improvement of the IMS in order to ensure the implementation of the adopted Policies and the achievement of the set goals.