Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

„DDOR Novi Sad“, as one of the leading insurance companies in Serbia, built a responsible attitude towards local and wider social community. We endeavor to recognize the needs of our community and to fulfill them, thereby contributing to better living and working conditions. We proclaimed 2011 the Year of Traffic Safety, which is one of our priorities in the upcoming period. Caring for children and young people, and their proper growth and development, promoting cultural values, and concern about health – are just a few of the areas in whose promotion our company is engaged.

Projects which we realized and which we supported:

Traffic safety

In 2009, “DDOR Novi Sad” signed a ten-year contract with the National Driving academy (NAVAK), and will invest over 15 million euros into raising the level of traffic safety during this period: this is the largest non-state investment of this type in Serbia ever.

The first step is providing subsidies for drivers to attend safe driving training sessions on the training grounds of the National Driving Academy, the first exam, educational and training center of this type in our country: where owners of DDOR’s casco policies are entitled to trainings free of charge.

All drivers with DDOR’s MTPL policy are entitled to attend the Introductory session of safe driving training „Driving License Plus“, free of charge. This will enable more than 100 000 drivers to complete the training process, where they will encounter the most critical situations in controlled surroundings and at realistic speeds, and learn how to react and mitigate danger. All car owners who have DDOR’s MTPL policies can also attend advanced trainings with substantial discounts.

Humanitarian DDOR golf tournament

DDOR Novi Sad company organized a Humanitarian Golf Tournament for its clients and members of Golf club Center.

Apart from playing the game, the golfers, companies and the Club itself participated with donations, and on that occasion the total of 650,000 dinars was collected for the “Humane heart” fund from Šabac. As event organizer, DDOR Novi Sad donated 300,000 dinars to the fund, and the raised money was used to build three houses for helping young married couples, who wish to start a family, but do not have the means.

As a continuation of humanitarian actions of DDOR Novi Sad, we organized the Humanitarian DDOR Golf Tournament, with the aim of raising funds for special needs children from Veternik Home. On that occasion 450,000 dinars was raised, and used for pool repairs.

Donation of school supplies

As a sign of the traditionally good cooperation with the “Humane Heart“ fund from Šabac, DDOR Novi Sad donated a certain amount of school supplies to “Children’s Week“ in order to meet the needs of the beneficiaries of the fund who need it.

Children’s’ Village Sremska Kamenica

„DDOR Novi Sad“ traditionally supports campaigns aimed at caring for children and improving the conditions in which they grow up. The financial support of DDOR in the amount of 22,000 euros helped to complete the refurbishment of one of the houses in Children’s’ Village in Sremska Kamenica, where children without parental care live. This house, which was completely burned 15 years ago, is now completely adapted and equipped and provides a home for 11 children.

Open fitness center for adults

„DDOR Novi Sad“ rewarded its citizens with the first open fitness center boasting 9 pieces of equipment on Sunny Quay in Novi Sad, thereby enabling them to cultivate their healthy living habits and exercise out in the open. The company donated over 2 million dinars for the construction of this park, which was built in cooperation with the City of Novi Sad and the Public Enterprise for City Construction and Development of Novi Sad.

In this way, “DDOR Novi Sad” wishes not only to promote healthy living habits, but also to provide its city of Novi Sad with another facility similar to those that grace large European cities.

„DDOR Novi Sad“ also participated in UNICEF’s program „School without violence“. The company permanently provides support for young talents, participates in the activities of the Serbian National Theater, Zmaj Children’s’ Games, and numerous other projects.