Another Award for DDOR – Green Company of the Year 2023

DDOR has recently received another acknowledgment for its strong commitment to environmental conservation. The leading insurance company has been honored with the prestigious Green Award, presented by the Chamber of Italian-Serbian Entrepreneurs.

The so-called ‘green award’ was bestowed upon DDOR due to its exceptional dedication to ecological initiatives and efforts in the field of environmental conservation. The award was handed to the Chairman od the Executive Board of DDOR osiguranje, Francesco Masci, at the annual ceremony where companies are recognized for their achievements and contributions to business leadership.

Francesco Masci emphasized that this award is highly encouraging and illuminates the path of improvement, acknowledging that all of this wouldn’t be possible without the strong DDOR team with whom he shares success and achievements.

“I am a great sports enthusiast, and as some of you know, I am a big fan of basketball. When it comes to basketball, I like to use a quote from Phil Jackson, also shared by Serbian coach Obradović: ‘The strength of a team is represented by every single member. And the strength of every single member is the team itself.’ I have the privilege of representing the company and receiving awards, but it is clear that behind every success and goal we have achieved is a team of people without whom all this would not be possible. As for DDOR, we are talking about thirteen hundred people who come to work every day with the same culture, the same passion, the same ambitions, the same goals, and the same desire to make a difference. I share this award, as well as every success and achievement, with the people from DDOR and dedicate it to them,” said Masci.

Furthermore, this award confirms not only DDOR’s commitment to sustainability but also its role as a leader in the business community when it comes to environmental protection. Through the implementation of the best eco practices, DDOR not only preserves the planet for future generations but also sets standards for other companies aspiring to sustainable business practices.

Proud of this prestigious recognition, DDOR will continue to work on improving its eco initiatives to contribute to nature conservation and the creation of a more sustainable society.

To recap, DDOR has established a robust platform for using renewable electrical energy, recycling, supporting the Green Agenda, raising awareness about plastic pollution and its destructive impacts on oceans, protecting natural ecosystems, and renewing biodiversity. Additionally, our company has launched and successfully implemented the ‘For a Forest in Your Neighborhood’ campaign, added electric vehicles to its fleet, and actively works on improving the energy efficiency of all its business premises. Following the example of its parent company, the Unipol Group, DDOR osiguranje has joined the global OGYRE community, aiming to contribute to the planet.