DDOR and City of Novi Sad helping their citizens

“DDOR Novi Sad” company has decided to set aside the budget of 5 million Dinars to help the citizens of Novi Sad who are our insured through unified billing system by Public Enterprise “Informatika”, and who were faced with numerous problems caused by the bad weather conditions this winter.

With our initiative we would like to invite all other insurance companies to follow our example. We consider this is the right way to outline that we are socially responsible company that cares about the environment, as well as the citizens.

Following this experience, “DDOR Novi Sad” will consider the future possibility of creating the advanced insurance conditions for apartment insurance through unified billing system, which will also stand as an innovative business move to show more understanding and come closer to the clients.

We would like to thank to City of Novi Sad on their understanding, they not only supported our initiative but also joined by setting aside additional 4 million Dinars in order to help citizens of Novi Sad. Also, we are extremely pleased with the fact that our business partner Public Enterprise “Informatika” will help us realize this action.

We will 100% subsidize the unified bills to the citizens of Novi Sad, our policyholders who reported their claims. Simply as that, it would mean that those households will be receiving bills in the amount of zero Dinars until reaching the amount of estimated claims.