DDOR and International Car Show

Many years of excellent cooperation between DDOR Novi Sad and the Belgrade Fair, both companies with a long tradition and great experience has resulted with a new partnership, so that in the new business year DDOR NOVI SAD will be a general sponsor of the largest fair event in Serbia – International Motor Show in Belgrade.

With same status for this event we will stay at least 3 years.

DDOR NOVI SAD is a participant of the event for many years. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit the stand of our company and get first-hand information, not only about the offer of insurance for motor vehicles, but also everything that is related to the range of products that DDOR Novi Sad offers on the market.

This partnership means a lot to us, in terms of our relationships with clients, but also in terms of our activities related to vehicles insurance, and the raising of the safety of all who are direct or indirect participants in traffic. DDOR is in partnership with the National Driving Academy NAVAK for four years and extensively educate both drivers and children, through all the structures of the education system.

The Car Show is a great event for Belgrade and for Serbia, which always takes place immediately after the most prestigious cars show in Europe, and the cars immediately after the Geneva come to Belgrade.