DDOR Osiguranje continues its campaign “For a forest in your area” with the planting of trees in Novi Pazar

The planting of 57 trees as part of the campaign of DDOR Osiguranje “For a forest in your area”, which includes planting hundreds of trees throughout the country, began with the symbolic planting of a tree on the bank of the river Raška. Novi Pazar is the eighth city, after Belgrade, Vršac, Subotica, Sremska Mitrovica, Smederevo, Zrenjanin and Novi Sad, whose streets and parks are adorned by hundreds of new trees, with Užice and Tutin still waiting for the afforestation. Today, Marko Putnik, coordinator of the Domain for marketing and communication of DDOR Osiguranje, and Nihat Biševac, mayor of Novi Pazar symbolically planted a tree together. Having recognized the importance of this campaign, which goes hand in hand with the long-term strategy of Unipol Group and DDOR Osiguranje as its member, the company has included this project in its three-year plan and extended the campaign in 2023 to all 12 months of the year in order to provide more funds to make Serbian cities even greener.   

After symbolically planting a tree, the coordinator of the Domain for marketing and communication of DDOR Osiguranje Marko Putnik said:

“We are fully aware of the fact that the insurance industry, by nurturing tradition and trust in today’s circumstances, plays a key role not only in the economy, but also in the fight against climate change. We are very proud to be here and to be able to greet you on behalf of the Chairman of the Executive Board of DDOR Osiguranje, Mr. Francesco Masci and all our colleagues across the country, with the support of our colleagues from Novi Pazar. It makes us proud knowing that this is the eighth city in our campaign and that we have symbolically planted one of 57 saplings that we are leaving for future generations. As part of its Strategic plan, our Unipol Group, with DDOR included, has set very ambitious ESG goals, seeking to contribute to the sustainable development of the entire society in which it operates through projects such as this. We know that even the smallest action can make a difference, and climate change is an urgent issue, a risk which can affect all our lives and the future of our business. The campaign “For a forest in your area” is part of this three-year strategy and we look forward to continuing the afforestation of urban areas. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the City of Novi Pazar and its representatives for their support to our campaign this year.”

Mayor of Novi Pazar, Nihat Biševac, said:

„I would like to thank DDOR for the donation of 57 trees which will adorn our city. Novi Pazar is one of the ten local self-governments where trees are planted as part of this unique campaign. I would like to call on other companies to follow the same path and help us make our city greener and our environment better. The city will always support campaigns like this and we would like to thank in advance all those who will try to carry out similar activities in the future.“

Before Novi Pazar, 50 trees were planted in Novi Sad in December 2022, in February 2023 78 were planted in Zrenjanin, 21 in Smederevo, 44 in Sremska Mitrovica, 42 in Subotica, 100 in Vršac, and 25 in Belgrade. As previously announced, a new cycle of the project “For a forest in your area” began in 2023. In addition to the completion of the campaign launched in 2022, it also includes the allocation of funds from each stipulated eco-policy of DDOR for tree planting in the following year. By arranging eco-Casco or eco-Moja kućica insurance, as well as annual eco-Travel insurance package, our clients contribute directly to the number of new trees planted in cities throughout Serbia.

Like last year, our citizens can vote for their cities and urban areas which need to be afforested at www.ddor.rs/eko until July 31, 2023.