Insurance as imperative for good business – DDOR supported the “Business in Heels” Conference

How to start business and succeed in the entrepreneurial world? How to create a brand from a small business and how best to market that brand? – are only some of the questions that were discussed at the seventh “Business in Heels” Conference dedicated to female entrepreneurship.

More and more women are boldly and confidently entering the world of business, bringing with them their passion, talents and innovative ideas. Their presence and contribution in various industries are extremely significant for economic development and positively affect society. With their courage, persistence and innovation they inspire others to follow their dreams and achieve their entrepreneurial goals. However, the road to success is not always easy and there are inevitable risks and challenges faced by female entrepreneurs. This is precisely why it is vital that business ventures are adequately insured because insurance provides the necessary protection from unplanned events that can threaten their business.

Within the “Business in Heels” Conference, Tatjana Rakočević, the member of the Executive Board of DDOR osiguranje, which was also the sponsor of the event, spoke about this topic and pointed out that insurance has become an indispensable element when starting and running a business for several important reasons.

“Insurance provides protection from unexpected risks and unforeseen situations that may seriously threaten business, by compensating for damage, i.e. the loss you have suffered and thus ensures business continuity. It also eliminates additional losses caused by business interruption. In addition to business buildings, vehicle insurance is significant, especially if transport is an integral part of business activities. In recent times, insurance of employees is becoming extremely important and popular. There is a wide range of options-accident insurance, life insurance and especially voluntary health insurance”, said Mrs. Rakočević and added that employee health care insurance shows employer’s concern for their well-being and provides them with access to quality medical care because it certainly increases employee satisfaction, can increase their productivity and motivation, and affects the reduction of labor force turnover.

On the sensitive employment market, salary is not the only motive that affects the choice of a company. Additional benefits are being talked about more and more often. According to many surveys and researches, paid health insurance is at the top of the preferred benefits.

“Considering all this, insurance should be viewed as investment in business safety and stability. Insurance is a line of defense that protects your vision and efforts from unforeseen circumstances and risks, and sometimes even wealth created by generations before you. It enables an entrepreneur to completely focus only on business development, and to transfer other uncertainties from the environment to someone else with a minimal fee. In the modern business world, there are countless things you need to take care of, e.g. inflation, regulations, competition, trends, innovation and technologigal improvements. If you are also a wife and a mother, the amount of things you worry about becomes unfathomable. With insurance, you give yourself the chance to sleep soundly after a busy day”, Tatjana Rakočević underlined.

Let us remind you that DDOR osiguranje prepared a comprehensive insurance package named “Your Business Policy” which provides the possibility of protection of production or service business and property with an adequate balance of investment into insurance policy and coverage in the event of a loss event. This policy enables insurance of entire business, including own liability (owners’ liability and product liability) and employees. The most common risks are covered, such as fire, outflow of water from installations, glass breakage, insurance of machinery and equipment, burglary, theft, as well as insurance of employees against disability and medical expenses. Insureds have the flexibility to, according their needs, type of activity and financial capabilities, choose their own risks determine the insurance price. For example, an optimal policy for service activities amounts to around EUR 50 per month, while for product activities it amounts to around EUR 80 per month. This package provides advantage of simpler administration and easier cost planning, since one policy covers all key risks.

DDOR company is always ready to protect its clients, as well as to show its commitment to support entrepreneurs and their business initiatives by supporting conferences like this one.