“Knowledge Is Power” – Recognition for the Long-Standing Commitment to Education by DDOR osiguranje

The vision of the socially responsible company DDOR osiguranje is reflected in its over 30 years of continuous and dedicated investment in education. As a founder and member of the Fund for Scholarships and Advancement of Talented Students and Young Researchers and Artists at the University of Novi Sad, DDOR recognizes the crucial role of education in building a sustainable society and a prosperous future.

At the Fund’s ceremony held at the Rectorate of the University of Novi Sad, DDOR osiguranje received a certificate of appreciation for supporting students during their education and investing in various programs and initiatives that support education, promote knowledge, and foster progress.

Francesco Masci, CEO of DDOR osiguranje, expressed his gratitude for the honor and emphasized that the company has always been a reliable partner for young people on their journey to acquiring new knowledge and developing their careers.

“As you already know, this University represents one of the key places where new green shoots of the future socially responsible individuals are born. That’s why we are extremely proud to contribute to the developmental process and witness the progress and growth of our collaborative partnership. Commendable is the practical approach of the City of Novi Sad, to University in Novi Sad, oriented towards the future, and I would emphasize the speed at which progress is happening in the sphere of education, as well as significant contributions in providing students with opportunities to enter the job market. Our efforts to improve education are clearly visible through a wide range of initiatives we have launched over the past few years, including, for example, scholarships for the most gifted students and the DDORasadnik, talent development program,” stated Masci.

The goal of the Fund is to systematically and in organized manner encourage the development of talented students and young researchers and artists in all educational fields. The Fund’s operational funds are provided by donors, including individual benefactors, faculties of the University of Novi Sad, and companies and institutions, among which DDOR osiguranje has been a part since the Fund’s establishment in 1992.