On-line payment in DDOR insurance from now on using the NBS IPS QR code

Continuing the digitization process through the use of the latest technologies, simpler and faster payment methods on its online store moj.ddor.rs, DDOR osiguranje introduced the possibility of premium payment using the NBS IPS QR code system. In this way, the company has once again set a new standard for digital business, primarily by striving to provide clients with a safe, simple and fast payment system on the domestic instant payment platform introduced by the National Bank of Serbia.

The new solution for instant payment is based on deeplink technology – IPS scan according to the standards of the National Bank of Serbia, without processing sensitive data about the payment instrument on the Internet. With a significantly simplified payment procedure, the main advantage of this system is reflected in the fact that physical possession of a payment card is not required, as it is enough to scan the NBS IPS QR code with a mobile phone with the mobile banking application installed. Also, if the policy contracting and payment is made on a mobile phone, the option of transferring the NBS IPS QR code directly to the mobile banking application is provided with the click. In both cases, the client authorizes the transaction in the manner required by the specific mobile application of the commercial bank.

To remind, DDOR osiguranje was the first on the market to introduce the possibility of paying the insurance premium using the NBS IPS QR code of the National Bank of Serbia standard at the beginning of 2020. Since then, all payment slips have a QR code, which can be scanned automatically to fill out the payment orders in any mobile application of a commercial bank. Now this system has been further improved and is also available on the online store moj.ddor.rs.

DDOR osiguranje will continue to further develop its communication and sales channels in the coming period in order to provide its clients with a higher level of services, advanced user experience, and personal data security through digitization.