Sorry for disturbing but the winter is coming

As another cold winter is ahead, “DDOR Novi Sad” has done as promised at the beginning of the year and improved Terms and Conditions of Household Insurance for the users of unified billing system through PUC “Informatika” in Novi Sad, to cover damages made by snow or ice melting.

As of 1st of December 2012, this extended cover will be granted free of charge to all our loyal users of Household Insurance through PUC “Informatika”.

It covers damages on: construction carpentry – interior and exterior, floor, wall and ceiling coverings, floors and walls inside the object (apartment or family house), as well as items inside the object, as a result of snow or ice melting from the roofs, or external building walls.

Compensation in case of a claim is up to 1,000 dinars per square meter of an apartment, or a family house.

Apart from this service, we would like to outline that citizens can provide and the service 24h “Emergency Home Repairs” that is available non-stop, providing the most appropriate repairman as fastest as possible in case of household malfunctions that mostly happen in the most inappropriate moment.

To everyone who become the users of Household Insurance with extended cover in December, as well as to our current customers (of Household Insurance, Family Insurance, 24h Emergency Home Repairs), we provide a special benefit – GRATIS service 24h Emergency Home Repairs for one month, for all joiners who call Customer Centre.
To remind you, at the beginning of the year we set aside the budget of 5 million Dinars to help the citizens of Novi Sad who are our insured through unified billing system, and who were faced with numerous problems caused by the bad weather conditions this winter.

To our great pleasure, City of Novi Sad supported our initiative by setting aside additional 4 million Dinars. With our initiative we wanted, and we managed to our great pleasure, to initiate all other insurance companies to follow our example.

We consider that we demonstrated in that moment that we are socially responsible company that cares about the environment, as well as the citizens.

Also, we are extremely pleased with the fact that in that moment as well as it does now, our business partner Public Enterprise “Informatika” has supported us and will help us to realize this action.