The future of life insurance reflects in modernization and improvement of term insurance – DDOR in Sarajevo at the Meeting of insurers and reinsurers

The 34th Meeting of insurers and reinsurers was held in Sarajevo from June 14 to June 16, which once again brought together insurance industry leaders from the region and the world. The main topic was “Insurance and reinsurance in the function of energy and energy sources”.

The two-day conference brought together more than 200 experts who had a chance to exchange experience, to network and learn about trends in insurance. A series of round tables, panel discussions and bilateral talks were held where current issues, challenges and possible solution modalities that insurers and reinsurers face in a dynamic environment were discussed.

The Chairman of the Executive Board of DDOR Francesco Maschi, member of the Executive Board Vladimir Maleševć, member of the Executive Board of DDOR RE Ivana Đermanović, as well as the director of the Life insurance department Nada Grković participated in front of DDOR osiguranje.

Within the panel dedicated to life insurance and moderated by Natasa Marijanović from Generali osiguranje, important issues were discussed such as challenges in product development, challenges on the insurance market in general, whether and what good the coronavirus pandemic has brought, what is the impact of high inflation rate, IFRS 17 and whether the primary goal is protection and savings.

On that occasion, Nada Grković pointed out that models of further growth and development in life insurance will be directed towards modernization and improvement of term insurance.

“It is the insurance of biometric risks in the triangle: basic risks, riders as elements of enriching the life insurance offer and assistance in the form of modern and smart solutions, with a special focus on group term insurance that has potential of a large scope and volume of sales, it is significantly less burdened in terms of costs and by its nature it is simple for automation and digitalization processes”, said the director of the Life insurance department Nada Grković.

Let us remind that DDOR osiguranje certainly stands out on the market with its diverse offer for life insurance. The large range of products includes endowment insurance, term insurance, no risk-pure endowment insurance, certain profit-one-time investment and DDOR cube-savings insurance for children.

Aware of different needs and goals of its clients, DDOR company provides a variety of options that are tailored to individual requirements of its clients. Safety, stability and financial security are the key values that are the focus of every offer of our company. Through these products, DDOR osiguranje creates a reliable platform on which clients can build their future and achieve their life goals with confidence in the expertise and commitment of the entire team of our company.