Free technical check point at Auto Centar Stojanović and DDOR Roadside Assistance for only RSD 10

In cooperation with its business partner Auto Center Stojanović, “DDOR Novi Sad” company gives its citizens, regardless of where they are insured, a free additional technical check point prior to their vacation, while “Roadside Assistance” is also provided for mere ten dinars.

For the purpose of prevention and protection of themselves as well as other participants in traffic, we advise all drivers (regardless of which MTPL policy they own) to visit Auto Center Stojanović prior to their trip, where expert team will carry out additional inspection of the state and safety of their vehicle.

Traffic risks cannot be completely eliminated, but we can significantly mitigate the consequences. For mere ten dinars, DDOR insurance “Roadside Assistance” will provide you additional safety by ensuring quick and efficient help of the assistance company “Coris” in case of unforeseen circumstances that may befall you on roads across Serbia and Europe. Cost coverage is provided for a broad range of situations – in case of a malfunction, damage, destruction, vehicle theft or accident.

This is just another in a series of efforts through which company “DDOR Novi Sad” contributes to the importance of traffic safety, and carries out socially responsible business, thinking ahead of the safety of its citizens, all with the aim of reducing the ever-growing number of traffic accidents across our country.

Once again, we invite all drivers to travel safely on their vacation by becoming part of the effort, which lasts from July 23 to September 15!