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putnicko zdravstvenoTravel Health Insurance

Immediate medical assistance without additional costs

Remember that sometimes pleasure of holiday trip brings along unforeseen threat to your health. Therefore, we advise you to insure yourself and your loved ones while you are on holiday!

In cooperation with the international assistance company “Europ Assistance”, “DDOR Novi Sad” takes care of your safety during the trip, while “Europ Assistance” Help Center guarantees quick and professional assistance 24/7, worldwide.

What does the policy cover?

The policy of travel health insurance with assistance covers the costs of providing the necessary medical assistance due to a sudden illness or injury, namely:

  • inpatient treatment,
  • purchasing medication and medical supplies,
  • emergency transport to the nearest hospital,
  • hospital treatment,
  • necessary diagnostics,
  • urgent operations due to acute illnesses,
  • emergency dental services with the aim of pain relief,
  • other costs in line with insurance terms and conditions.

In addition to costs of treatment and transport of insurers, insurance includes assistance services, namely:

  • Medical assistance: providing information and assistance 24 hours a day, organizing emergency medical assistance, organizing necessary transport of insureds to a hospital/clinic or to the country of residence, organizing transport of mortal remains to the country of residence in case of the insured’s death
  • Travel assistance: providing information in case of loss or delay of baggage, providing information on the destination-country, various advisory services related to emergency travel, conveying emergency messages, providing information on rent-a-car services, etc.
  • Legal assistance: organizing legal assistance (referring to a lawyer) when the insured needs legal protection, referring to members of the local authorities, embassies, consulates, providing translation services, administrative assistance with regard to personal and travel documents (lawyer’s fees as well as translation costs will be paid by the insured)

My benefits

Depending on your needs and organization of travel, you can conclude this policy as individual, group or family insurance.

Concluding the family package which implies insurance of both parents and underage children, or one parent and at least three underage children, provides you with significant discounts!

What you need to know

  • For any information necessary before the trip, you can contact the Customer Center of DDOR Novi Sad on 021 480 2222.
  • The travel health insurance policy must be concluded before the trip starts.
  • Persons under the age of 85 are eligible for insurance.
  • In case of an insured event – sudden illness or injury during a stay abroad, you need to contact Help Center of International Organization “Europ Assistance” by calling +381 11 414 4101, sending a SMS message to +381 64 828 2020 or sending an e-mail to sr.oc.roddnull@ajicnetsisaantup. Supply data from the policy and state your reason for calling, and follow the instructions you will receive. Help Center is at your disposal and available 24/7, and there is an option to communicate in Serbian as well.
  • You will get the medical help from the person designated by the representative of „Europ Assistance”.
  • You can refund any costs of inpatient treatment and medication which you paid after you return to the country.
  • The insured must submit the request for indemnification of costs within a month from the day of completing treatment or transport, or return to the country.


Prices of travel health insurance with assistance for 10 days staying abroad

Where is policy valid

Family package* (EUR)

Individual package (EUR)

Insured coverage(EUR)

All countries in the World except USA, Canada, Japan and Australia




All countries in the World except USA, Canada, Japan and Australia




All counties in the World




* Family package includes insurance for both parents and underage children, or one parent and at least three underage children.

The amounts in the table are for information only.

Travel safely and enjoy with DDOR insurance!