Do you have clear plans and want to increase your funds?
Realise your ideas through a competitive savings and life insurance programme – CERTAIN PROFIT. This way, you invest in a more certain financial future of your family with one insurance policy.

Benefits of DDOR programme CERTAIN PROFIT:

• with this insurance policy, you ensure savings and make profit;
• we set up a special fund which includes the funds of the Certain profit programme. The funds  are directed to secure and profitable investments, with the goal of making profit for the insureds;
• option to conclude supplementary insurance.

Supplementary accident insurance package. The supplementary accident insurance package covers 5 risks, namely: death due to accident, death caused by a traffic accident, permanent disability from 50% to 100% due to accident, bone fracture due to accident and medical expenses due to injury.

Insurance terms and conditions:

• entry age from 0 to 77. Expiry at the age of 80 at the latest;
• minimum insurance period of 3 years, maximum of 10 years;
• single premium payment;
• insurance concluded without medical examination/questionnaire.

Siguran profit

Sex: male
Age at entry: 40 years of age
Single premium payment: 10.000 euros
Certain profit – example

Insurance periodInsured sum
3 years10,230.00 EUR + Expected profit
5 years10,751.00 EUR + Expected profit
7 years11,304.00 EUR + Expected profit
10 years12,205.00 EUR + Expected profit

*The calculation of expected profit was made using average annual income of the SPECIAL FUND in the past 6 years.