Savings life insurance for children

Start saving as early as when your children or grandchildren are born, by investing into life insurance. Give them the opportunity to have quality education, travel somewhere special or become independent and start a family. Invest into the future of your dearest ones in time!

Advantages of DDOR savings insurance for children:

• you can arrange insurance for children from their birth;
• you will provide them the financial means that would ensure a good starting position in their life;
• payment of the insured sum along with the appropriate profit in entirety, upon expiry of insurance.



Insurance conditions:

• insurance is arranged for 5 – 25 years;
• minimum annual premium is Eur 240;
• maximum insured sum in not limited;
• Insurance premium is payable:

– for the entire insurance period (single premium payment);
– within the agreed deadlines (annual or monthly premium payment).


Parents want to include their child, aged 0 months (from birth), in the DDOR savings life insurance program for children with the annual premium of Eur 600. By the time your child turns 19, you will have paid the total of Eur 11,400, and the child is paid-out the agreed insured sum in the amount of Eur 12,888 increased by the accrued profit generated in the period of insurance conclusion.(In 2015, the NO RISK policies were accrued 4.07% from the generated financial profit and technical interest).

For additional information, please call: 0800 303 301, 021 480 2222.