Insurance of Livestock


For a secured yield of your crops.


osiguranjezivotinjaInsurance of Livestock

Ideal protection program for livestock production

Safety and profit

Great care and dedication of owners who raise livestock is not sufficient enough to fight off all dangers and accidents that can happen. Thus, livestock insurance as a financial protection is increasingly becoming a necessity.

“DDOR Novi Sad“ insurance offers you insurance of livestock, not their products, insurance of all types of breeding livestock and insurance of some types of wild animals.

What can livestock be protected from

Your livestock can be insured from: basic risk, which includes dying, emergency slaughtering or humane killing due to disease or accident.

You can also stipulate supplementary risks that can be concluded along with the basic risk, such as insurance of male breeding head of cattle against the loss of breeding capability, insurance against loss of calf or foal on delivery, insurance against the risk of loss of breeding capability of heifers or cows.

Supplementary protection

In addition to the basic and supplementary risks, there is a possibility of concluding supplementary insurances such as:

  • insurance against the risk of castration and ovariotomy
  • insurance of livestock at exhibitions, etc.

Useful information

Sum insured is stipulated per one animal and represents the maximum insurer’s liability. Sum insured is established on the basis of livestock weight and price per kilo, or the value of head of cattle. The premium can be decreased in case of fattening animals, if such fattening lasts shorter than nine months.