Insurance of tractors and agricultural machinery


For a secured yield of your crops.


osiguranjemehanizacije Insurance of tractors and agricultural machinery

Compulsory and casco insurance policies for your machines

Both safety and statutory obligation

Ensure full safety for yourself and other participants in traffic, by insuring your tractor and agricultural machinery. By concluding compulsory MTPL insurance policy you will also fulfill the statutory obligation, while casco insurance policy will cover expenses in case of damage to your machinery. Furthermore, DDOR Novi Sad offers you the possibility of concluding additional accident insurance, and that way you would cover all contingencies.

Compulsory insurance (motor third party liability)

Despite the fact that there is no mandatory annual registration of tractors and agricultural machines that participate in traffic, the motor third party liability insurance is compulsory for all motor and attached vehicles and must be renewed every year.

This policy covers you in case you inflict damage to a third party while using a tractor. If it happens, “DDOR Novi Sad” will cover the incurred expenses in your stead.

Premium for compulsory insurance policy is determined based on engine power expressed in kW. For example, premium for a 33-44 kW tractor amounts to RSD 1,778.

Casco insurance

Ensure full protection for your agricultural machines and vehicles. DDOR Novi Sad prepared a special programme of insurance of machinery that may include some specific risks. This way you will receive full economic protection in almost any situation that may arise in the course of usage. You can completely adjust casco insurance to your needs and decide for yourself which risks you want to be protected from.

Casco insurance of vehicles provides insurance protection for all types of motor vehicles and their components against a wide range of risks such as: traffic accident (collision, derailment, overturning, etc.) regardless of the insured’s responsibility; crashing or impact of an object; fire; explosion; sudden thermal or chemical effect from outside; lightning strike; storm; hail; avalanche; fall of an aircraft; events and protests, and wantonness of third parties.

If you wish, you may also conclude insurance against some additional risks such as: insurance against theft of the vehicle as a whole, or some of its components, concealment and sinking.

Insurance of vehicles against breakdown is an additional insurance for a complete casco insurance of vehicles, and pertains to agricultural machinery and duty vehicles. This insurance provides vehicle protection in two basic forms: insurance of vehicles against the risk of a full breakdown, or insurance of vehicle’s working instruments against the risk of breakdown. This insurance covers a range of risks connected to the functioning of the vehicle as a working machine.

In order to conclude this insurance one must first conclude full casco insurance.

The only exclusions are the losses that occur due to: earthquake, nuclear risks, war, damage to propulsion (malfunction), and intentional damage made by the insured or coinsured.

Accident insurance

Along with MTPL insurance one can conclude accident insurance of drivers of tractors and attached machines. This insurance covers accidents resulting from operating a tractor or attached machine, loading and unloading of goods, necessary vehicle manipulations, working with an attached machine, etc.

The price of this insurance depends on the amount of insured sums that are stipulated by mutual agreement. For combination of insured sums: RSD 500,000.00 in case of death due to accident and RSD 1,000,000.00 in case of dismemberment, annual premium for one person is RSD 600.00. In case of an accident, depending on the consequences, DDOR Novi Sad shall pay a proportionate amount of the insured sum for dismemberment, according to the Table of DDOR Novi Sad, or insured sum in case of death.

Tariff group 4 – towing vehicles *


Engine power (kW)

Minimum gross premium with tax


up to 18



over 18 to 25



over 25 to 33



over 33 to 44



over 44 to 73



over 73 to 110



over 110 to 147



over 147


* Agricultural and road tractors, motocultivators, “unimog” and “unilock” vehicles, caterpillar tractors, autocars without an open-box bed, electric tow vehicles