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You’ll travel safe this year!

Travel insurance package

Whether you’re a businessman, tourist or adventurer, whether you travel alone or in a company, you will travel safe. We will protect you and your fellow-travelers, those you hurt unintentionally, even you luggage. If you cancel your trip abruptly due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be refunded almost the entire cost of your travel package.

Feel free to discover new destinations, meet new people and find new experiences. We will cover all the risks that may occur on your travel. DDOR Novi Sad travel insurance package will make sure nothing ruins your plans, pleasure or relaxation.

DDOR Novi Sad is the only insurance company in Serbia that insures you in collaboration with the internationally recognized Assistance Company EUROP ASSISTANCE, which covers 4% of the world population with professional interventions every two seconds.

Who can be insured and how?

This package can be used by anyone under 85 years of age – both domestic and foreign citizens who have a place of residence on the territory of Serbia.

You can conclude individual, family (as much as 2 adults and five underage persons, regardless of their kinship), or group.

For exact defined number of days you can conclude the short-term insurance, and for an unlimited number of travels, you conclude the annual insurance, whereas every individual trip may last for up to 45 days.

Which costs are covered?

At “DDOR Novi Sad” we provide, in cooperation with internationally recognized company Europ Assistance, the travel insurance package which covers::

Travel Health Insurance, which covers:

  • medical and travel costs in the event of a sudden disease or accident during your stay abroad
  • costs of repatriation or funeral abroad
  • costs of search and rescue, including costs of rescue by a helicopter
  • costs of a return trip for a person close to the insured, in the event when hospital treatment lasts more than 5 days
  • costs of transportation and accommodation for accompanying person due to change in booking
  • costs of alternative transportation and overnight accommodation in the event you miss your travel connection or a scheduled event, due to unforeseen circumstances


Accident Insurance, which covers:

  • Reimbursement, in accordance with Terms and Conditions of the insurance, if during your trip or stay abroad an accident occurs, which results in disability or fatality.

Third party liability insurance abroad, which covers:

  • Material and non-material costs for a loss you may inadvertently cause a third party during your stay abroad – in everyday life, riding a bicycle, driving a boat, pursuing amateur sports, all of which shall be covered in compliance with insurance Terms and Conditions.

Additional part of the package

Luggage insurance which covers:

  • Costs for lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen items, including even items bought during your travels. If your luggage is delayed by more than 12 hours, we will indemnify you the costs of purchasing alternate wardrobe.

Travel cancellation insurance

  • This insurance will indemnify you for a portion of the sum you already paid the travel agency, in case you are forced to cancel the trip abroad you already arranged with the agency, due to unforeseen circumstances (accident, illness, property damage, fire, flood, even unannounced termination of employment)

Travel cancellation insurance can be concluded independently, under the Conditions for a travel insurance package.

What to do in case of trouble?

If any of the above mentioned insured cases occurs, you should call assistant company immediately, using the phone number printed on the policy, and act according to the instructions. Your costs shall be indemnified immediately, or refunded upon your repatriation, all in accordance with insurance Terms and Conditions.

Upon your call, our assistant company Europ Assistance shall provide you round-the-clock help and assistance and, if need be, have legal help at your disposal as well.

The insurance is concluded in accordance with Terms and Conditions of travel insurance package.

For additional information call our Customer Centre at 0800 303 301.

Special benefits for business people

Do you travel often outside the borders of Serbia?
DDOR Novi Sad offers a unique opportunity, for only 75 euros, without the participation in the damage; you are insured 365 days a year, with a maximum cover for medical expenses for necessary treatment and transport, up to 30,000 euros per trip. This annual international travel insurance can be used for an unlimited number of visits abroad for one year, with a maximum stay of 45 days per trip.







Travel health insurance abroad

The entire world




Medical costs of necessary treatment in case of an illness or accident and necessary medical transport of the insured


Up to the stipulated sum insured



Costs of the return trip from Serbia to the place of hospitalization for 1 person close to the insured




Costs of overnight accommodation and transportation due to changes to the companion’s reservation

Up to EUR 50 per night / max 7 nights



Costs of repatriation or costs of funeral abroad

Up to the stipulated sum insured



Costs of search and rescue, including the costs of rescue by a helicopter

Up to the stipulated sum insured



Costs of alternate transportation due to unplanned delay




Additional costs due to a delay in the country of residence

Max EUR 100 per night



Legal aid: translator’s / attorney’s costs

Up to the stipulated sum insured

2,200 / 5,500


Accident insurance

The entire world, Serbia included




Stipulated insured sum




Up to the stipulated insured sum




Third party liability insurance abroad

The entire world / Up to the stipulated sum insured




Basic package – total premium


28.40 EUR


Luggage insurance – ADDITIONAL COVERAGE

The entire world, Serbia included / Up to the stipulated sum insured



Travel cancellation insurance – ADDITIONAL COVERAGE


Price of the t rip



Basic package with inclusion of additional coverage – total premium



52.01 EUR

 *The example considers the price of the trip of EUR 500