Term Life insurance

The decisions that you have made today will influence financial stability of your family in the days when they will most need it. Although you lead a dynamic life and are exposed to a number of risks, by arranging Term insurance you can live carefree, because you know that you have provided financial security for your family.

Advantages of DDOR Term insurance:

• high insured sum for low premium;
• quick and simple underwriting procedure, no medical examination, insured sum up to Eur 10,000.

For insured sums exceeding EUR 10,000, it is necessary to fill out a simple questionnaire on the health examination of the insured.



Insurance conditions:

• term life insurance may be arranged by persons from 14 to 65 years of age, and the insurance may be valid up to 70th year of age;
• minimum insurance period is five and maximum is twenty years;
• agreed premium can be paid monthly, annually, and as a single payment;
• the amounts of insured sum or premium are specified by the insured himself, based on his personal needs, financial possibilities and personal preference;
• insurance can be arranged in foreign currency or dinars.





Age at entry

35 years

35 years

Insurance period

10 years

10 years

Monthly premium

9,80 €

5,25 €

Annual premium

115,50 €

63,00 €

Insured sum in case of death

35,000 €

35,000 €

Should you need any additional information please call DDOR Customer centre (0800 303 301 – free of charge) or 021 480 2222.