Your business policy for service industry


Insurance for business free of unforeseen situations.


polisabiznisaproizvodneYour business policy for service industry

Service industry package

Risks are inevitable in all segments of life, including business. This, however, does not mean that you are powerless to combat them! By selecting the appropriate way of avoiding consequences of risk, you are making a successful business move. And success is not something to be left to chance. What you have spent years of investing effort, money, and time into, is worth every possible type of protection. Having that in mind, DDOR has designed a simple, yet comprehensive insurance package – with minimum investments, and maximum benefits.

There are numerous risks which could destroy the property and financial interest of your small or medium service industry business. It is necessary for you to insure your property, business premises, complete equipment, stocks, etc.

It is also important that you protect your employees. Your care about the safety of your workers will be a sign of mutual trust and loyalty. Unforeseen situations such as fire, flood or thunderstrike are a real threat to any business, whereas thefts and robberies are becoming increasingly frequent.

What can you insure under this policy?

Section 1 – it is possible to arrange additional coverage for flood, torrent and high water, machinery breakdown, breakdown of computers, fiscal cash registers, and illuminated advertising signs.

Section 2 – includes insurance against burglary theft and robbery, stocks, equipment, cash on hand, cash in the cash register.

Section 3 – covers liability insurance with regard to third persons and third persons’ belongings.

Section 4 – encompasses insurance of employees against the following risks: dismemberment, medical treatment costs, death from accident, and death from illness.

Arranging Section 1 is mandatory, whereas opting for other sections is voluntary.

The policyholder will be approved additional discounts depending on the arranged number of sections, contract period, and number of insured locations.

My benefits

  • One of the main advantages is the possibility of using one policy, which encompasses nine separate policies, to insure yourself against all key risks. It provides for a much-needed simplification of administration and easier cost-planning.
  • The time saved is also something not to be overlooked.
  • The policy protects you against basic risks such as fire, outflow of water from installations, glass breakage, as well as providing protection against supplementary risks such as flood and equipment breakdown.
  • Your employees can also be insured under the same policy against accidents 24 hours a day, which implies: dismemberment, medical treatment costs, and death from accident or illness.
  • You can insure your liability arising from damage to property or third party injuries.
  • If you are renting certain premises, you needn’t insure third-party property, but you can insure your own equipment and investments into it.
  • If you arrange several sections of the offered package, or if you conclude a multi-annual contract, you will receive numerous benefits.