Zdravo da ste

Health comes first, but before that comes prevention

We all know that taking care of your health is important. If we act preventively, we have a better chance of preserving good health. However, if it happens that medical help is necessary, it is important to have quality and fast service and support.

We want to support you, to be your partner, to advise you on how to find in your budget the optimal monthly amount that you can set aside, which will provide you with both prevention and quick procedure of going to the doctor, when the need arises.

Voluntary health insurance covers the costs of outpatient/ hospital treatment if supplementary coverage is agreed.

Outpatient treatment covers the costs of the treatment received by the insured person in the healthcare institution (healthcare service provider), recognized as a place where such treatment can be carried out with a stay of no longer than 24 hours.

Hospital treatment implies that the insured person is hospitalized in the medical institution for at least 24 hours, i.e. to spend the night in the medical institution. It covers medically indicated treatment costs.

In addition to our outpatient/hospital insurance coverage, the following can be additionally arranged: healthcare for expectant mothers and newborns, medical check-up, ophthalmological and/or dental services, physical therapy, prescription medication, compensation for medically indicated hospital stay (hospital days).

The agreed scope of insurance coverage with precisely determined content of healthcare services is an integral part of the insurance offer/policy.

Why DDOR voluntary health insurance?

Because it saves time! – it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Because we are the only ones with a prevention package! – with no complicated procedure with adequate services at an affordable price
Because we are the only ones with a prevention package! with coverage from € 1,000 to 100,000.
Because we offer a selection of experts from renowned private and state medical institutions
Because we have more than 7 decades of experience in insurance and we are part of Unipol Group which is no. 1 in Italy in the domain of voluntary health insurance services


It is meant for all persons in the capacity of insured persons in the compulsory health insurance system in Serbia. Insureds can be natural persons, as well as families of insureds (spouse, children).

Choose or create a package that suits you best.


  • Examination by a general practitioner
  • Examination by a specialist
  • Medical check-up


    • Examination by a general practitioner
    • Examination by a specialist
    • Medical check-up

    Outpatient treatment

      • Laboratory analysis and diagnostics
      • Medical and technical aids
      • Psychiatric help in crisis situations
      • Costs of house calls in emergency situations
      • Emergency dental services in case of consequences of an accident
      • Homeopathy, acupuncture
      • Costs of ambulance transport in emergency situations

      Hospital treatment

        • Accommodation and food in the hospital
        • Diagnostic procedures, laboratory analysis
        • Prescribed therapy
        • Interventions in local anesthesia, interventions in total endotracheal anesthesia
        • Surgery

        Healthcare for expectant mother and newborns

        • Examinations and diagnostics during pregnancy*
        • *It is additionally arranged

        When does the insurance commence and how do you use it?

        Insurance coverage commences upon the expiry of the 24th hour of the day you concluded the insurance policy, provided that the entire insurance premium or the first installment of the insurance premium has been paid.

        In case of a medical problem covered by your insurance, please call the Medical call center at 021 480 22 00, available for insureds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or through the moj.ddor app.

        Please prepare your document (health insurance card) number or the number of the document of the insured for whom you have arranged insurance (spouse, child), and prepare to describe the problem, its symptoms, whether this has already happened before, and what therapy you were prescribed.

        You may check the state of utilization of your coverage by calling the call center at 021 480 22 00 or by sending an email with a query to the email address sr.oc.rodd@etsadovardz, as well as through the moj.ddor app.

        Things you should know!

        If co-payment of the costs of the provided healthcare services is agreed, if the cost of the provided healthcare service exceeds the agreed limit or the provided healthcare service is not covered by insurance, the insured person bears the costs of the provided healthcare service or portion thereof.




        DDOR osiguranje takes care of your health with the desire to provide the best service to your employees and members of their families. We expanded the insurance offer and with the aim of prevention and long-term preservation of good health created the VOLUNTARY HEALTH INSURANCE program – Zdravo da ste! Many illnesses are curable today, but treatment costs may be high.

        Voluntary health insurance has many benefits and the most important one is that you choose the scope and type of healthcare services that suit you. Everything is tailored to your needs and possibilities.

        Zdravo da ste


        Voluntary health insurance is meant for all persons in the capacity of insured persons in the compulsory health insurance system of the Republic of Serbia, as well as natural persons who are not included in compulsory health insurance according to legal regulations in the Republic of Serbia, and who have an employment relationship with the policyholder in terms of regulations of the country in which the policyholder is seated, and who wish for expert, quick and quality healthcare services. The insured’s close family members (spouse and children) can also be covered under voluntary health insurance.
        *Currently, group insurance can be concluded.


        Voluntary health insurance provides coverage for the costs of outpatient, as well as outpatient and hospital treatment (hospitalization). With this insurance, it is possible to arrange healthcare for expectant mothers and childbirth. You can get acquainted with the details through the documentation available on this page, and you can get answers to the questions related to voluntary health insurance by calling the medical call center at 021 480 22 00. As supplementary coverage, the following can be arranged: medical check-up, ophthalmological services, dental services, medicines prescribed by a doctor and physical therapy. All supplementary coverage, except for medical check-up, have specified sub-limits and co-payments.


        Through its voluntary health insurance program, DDOR Osiguranje offers you the possibility to choose packages:

         GREEN – Outpatient treatmentfrom € 1,000 to 10,000;


         YELLOW – Outpatient and hospital treatmentfrom € 4,500 to 8,000;



        Claim Reporting

        In case of a refund, a claim can be filed:
        – By mail to the address “DDOR Novi Sad” a.d.o. PO Box 392, 21101 Novi Sad
        – Directly in any branch of the Insurer on the territory of the entire Serbia. The list of branches is available at the following linku
        – By phone by calling the Medical call center of the Insurer at 021/480 2200
        – By electronic mail by sending an email to the address: sr.oc.roddnull@ejicadnuferOZD

        When filing a Refund request, please attach the following required documentation:
        – Claim report, which you can download ovde
        – Medical report with specified diagnosis
        – Proper prescription for medication/aids
        – Original copy of medical bill
        – Photocopy of the voluntary health insurance document
        – Current account


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