DDOR insurance through PUC “Informatika” bill

“DDOR Novi Sad” renewed the Contract with PUC “Informatika”, thus extending the cooperation, and allowing the citizens of Novi Sad to continue to pay or choose our services through the unified collection bill: combined insurance of apartments, houses and contents on the territory of the city of Novi Sad, 24h emergency home repairs, and family insurance.

If you instead – advertantly or inadvertantly – paid the cost of other’s company insurance cover, JKP Informatika Novi Sad will continue to bill you on behalf of them. However JKP Informatika Novi Sad has undertaken to provide all citizens with simple and straightforward possibilities to opt out from any insurance cover or to switch from one insurer to another. We cordially invite you as our customer who has in the past deliberately opted for a DDOR insurance policy to avail yourself of this possibility and to switch back to your old DDOR policy. You can do so either by declaring this to Informatika personally or via their call center (the call is free).

For any further information or additional questions DDOR Customer Center is at your service 24/7 at 021/4802222.