Collect Super Kartica points in DDOR as well

Super Kartica

Collecting and using points

From 01.08.2017, you can use the collected points to decrease the amounts on your insurance policies, at all DDOR Novi Sad points of sale. When using points, you will get new points on your SuperKartica.

Collect points at 100 points-of-sale of “DDOR Novi Sad” by calling the Customer Center or over the Internet, and insure what is most important to you. You can expect numerous benefits when purchasing available DDOR insurance policies, while collecting points on your Super Card at the same time, regardless of the manner of payment (cash, payment cards, checks, in instalments, etc.). Forty-eight hours after concluding your insurance policy you can check the balance of points collected on your Super Card, by contacting the Customer Center toll-free number 0800 301 300 or at Give yourself and your loved ones the sense of security, save money, and exercise the right to use our special offers!

All multi-year policies concluded from 1st december 2017 will be assigned with SuperKartica points for each year of  insurance.

Rules for collecting points

The scoring includes all insurance products of “DDOR Novi Sad” intended for natural persons, regardless of whether you wish to protect your property, vehicle, yourself or your loved ones. You can collect points by purchasing new insurance policies or renewing insurance, on which occasion make sure to show your Super Card! In order to exercise the right to the bonus booklet with benefits you will need to collect at least 60 points during one accounting period, which lasts three months. The value of the points differs depending on the insurance class. DDOR insurance offer intended for natural persons, which can be purchased, and for which you can collect points, is divided into three groups.

First group

For every RSD 100 of the stipulated policy from the First group, you will get one point.
For instance: if you conclude the compulsory MTPL insurance in the amount of RSD 8,000, you will collect 80 points.
Compulsory MTPL Insurance 100RSD = 1 POINTS
Casco Insurance100RSD = 1 POINTS
Packages along with MTPL insurance100RSD = 1 POINTS
Mini Casco Insurance100RSD = 1 POINTS
Property insurance100RSD = 1 POINTS

Second group

For every RSD 50 of the stipulated policy from the Second group, you will collect 1 point.
For instance: if you conclude the household insurance policy in the amount of RSD 3,000, you will collect sixty points.
Accident Insurance of Children, Pupils, and Students 50RSD = 1 POINT
Road Assistance50RSD = 1 POINT
Property insurance, My Sweet Little Home, and 24h Emergency Home Repairs50RSD = 1 POINT
International Travel Insurance and Travel Cancellation Insurance 50RSD = 1 POINT
Travel Health Insurance with Assistance50RSD = 1 POINT
Credit Life Insurance50RSD = 1 POINT
Term Life insurance50RSD = 1 POINT
VIP osiguranje života

Third group

Life insurance – Endowment life insurance and No risk – savings life insurance
If you pay your life insurance policy on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis, for every RSD 250 of the premium collected for the first year of insurance you will collect 1 point. For instance, you concluded “Endowment life insurance” with monthly premium of RSD 2,500. If you pay three instalments during one accounting period, you will collect 30 points.
If you stipulate for the life insurance premium to be paid as a single payment, for every RSD 1,000 of the collected premium you will get one point. For instance, if you conclude “Endowment life insurance” with total premium of RSD 360,000, which you paid in its entirety, you will collect 360 points in one accounting period.
Important notice: points for non-life insurance and life insurance are calculated by taking into account the stipulated premium, and collected premium, respectively.
Get yourself insured and exercise your right to numerous benefits!
The list of “DDOR Novi Sad” points-of-sale .
Endowment life insurance250RSD = 1 POINT
No risk – savings life insurance1000RSD = 1 POINT

 List of points of sale of DDOR Novi Sad

How to use points in DDOR Novi Sad?

If you collect over 60 points in DDOR during one accounting period, you can use the points in the next accounting period directly from your SuperKartica.

Value of points: 1 point = 1 dinar.

You can use the collected points on your next shopping at any of 100 points of sale of DDOR Novi Sad across Serbia. When purchasing insurance, just show your SuperKartica and inform the salesperson that the amount of the insurance premium should be decreased by the amount of points.

  • Points can be used by the end of the accounting period after the one in which they were collected.
  • Points can be used for single premium payment, or payment in instalments, for all insurance classes for natural persons.
  • Decrease of costs based on the collected points is also possible for special insurance offers from the benefits booklet.
  • Points cant not be used for payment of MTPL policies.


When using points in DDOR Novi Sad, you collect new points on your SuperKartica, except in the case of arranging policies from the current special offers.