DDOR Novi Sad-official “Cantat” insurance company

In a traditional sign of good cooperation, this year also the company DDOR Novi Sad supported the festival “Cantat talents”, which will be held in Novi Sad, from 21. August to 25. August at Square of Liberty and in the Catholic port.

As an official insurance company of the festival, we have recognized the quality of the event and provided support for the development and promotion of this type of art.

“Cantat Novi Sad” – International singing week, during which was held a numerous of concerts in major squares and streets of Novi Sad in 2011, as well as a spectacular concert of ZAZ, this year provides interesting content for all citizens of Novi Sad. Opening ceremony “Cantat talents” will be held on 21. August at Square of Liberty in Novi Sad, starting at 20h. This year “Cantat” will be opened by choir “Bajićevi slavuji” under the direction of Ana Kovacic, Bojana Stamenov and young and charismatic winner of Eurosong 2009. – Alexander Rybak!

A detailed program of the festival by days can be viewed here.

We invite you to join us to together enjoy in magical performances of young artists.

Life is a premium!