Family Insurance – for all household members

News from Bačka Palanka

DDOR has offered the citizens of Bačka Palanka a unique type of insurance – Family Insurance for members of the entire household in the event of – death, disability or hospital stay for a total of 300 dinars a month per one household. Household members include owners, users or tenants of apartments and their spouses, children, parents, and other persons living together at the insurance carrier’s address included in the payment slip.

Family insurance covers the following risks: death due to accident, death due to illness, permanent disability and hospital days for time spent in in-patient treatment.

All persons interested in insurance can enter the Family Insurance program by making a payment of the first monthly premium by using a special DDOR payment slip.

Insurance commences as of the day following the payment date of the first monthly premium and it is renewed each month by effecting regular premium payments.

If the insured fails to pay the premium regularly, the insurance expires 60 days after the last premium payment for Family Insurance.

For further information, please refer to the Branch Office in Bačka Palanka or DDOR Customer Center.