Mini Casco


Safety on the road.


minikaskoMini Casco

Maximum safety for your “used” vehicle

Are you buying a “used” vehicle? “DDOR Novi Sad“ a.d.o. has designed a new unique product – “Mini Casco”, insurance policy which will bring more safety to you and your vehicle. “Mini Casco” is a new product dedicated to insure passenger vehicles and it is specially adapted to insure “used” passenger vehicles (other than vehicles used for taxi and rent-a-car services).

What does the policy cover?

“Mini Casco” covers the loss on your vehicle incurred due to:

  • traffic accident (overturn, collision, impact, skidding, plummeting, etc.),
  • natural perils (thunderbolt, windstorm, hail, avalanche, flood, torrent and high water).

 At your request, your vehicle may also be insured against the risk of theft.

Minimum sum insured is €1.000, whereas the maximum is €6.000 (in RSD counter value).
You can set the sum insured in line with your own assessment of the vehicle’s value.

Choose your own ideal combination

Taking specific needs of every client into consideration, other insurance may be arranged along with the “Mini Casco” – Travel assistance, accident rider, glass breakage, and towing, thus the client can stipulate the level of cover for certain additional risks on his own.

What to do in case of a traffic accident?

Phone the police and wait for them to conduct an investigation!

Ask the police officer how to obtain a copy of the Notes on the investigation, which must be enclosed to the claim. Report the casco claim at the closest “DDOR Novi Sad” office within 3 days. If you need any assistance or additional information, feel free to place a call to the “DDOR Novi Sad” Customer Center (021 480 22 22).

Do not forget:

When you report the loss, you must also submit the notes on the investigation. Therefore, in order to collect indemnity, you must immediately report the loss incurred in the traffic accident to the police and request that an investigation be carried out. This should be done within the period in which it is possible to measure the blood alcohol level of the participants in the accident. The driver must not leave the place of the accident without permission from the police! The entitlement to indemnity will be lost if the driver operates the vehicle without a valid driver’s license, if he/she drives under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, if the accident is caused because the driver runs the red light or is overtaking where this is expressly forbidden. If the driver causes the accident on purpose, he/she will also lose the right to assistance from insurance.