Strategic management and marketing in practice – lectures for young economists

In July, DDOR signed cooperation agreements with three renowned faculties of the University of Novi Sad: the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad and the Faculty of Economics in Subotica. Among other things, students are given the opportunity to have a comprehensive educational cycle and participate in various projects. Cooperation with the Faculty of Economics in Subotica took place in the form of lectures given by guest speakers from DDOR. The lectures offered students the opportunity to learn more about our company, Unipol Group and opportunities for economics graduates at DDOR.

On December 23, at the initiative of Prof. Maja Strugar Jelača, the director of HR department Dejan Botić gave a lecture at the Faculty of Economics, department of Novi Sad, as part of the Strategic management course. The topic of the lecture was Impact of implementing a business strategy in times of crisis – pandemic and post-pandemic effects using the example of DDOR Osiguranje. Using concrete examples, both theoretical and practical, he explained to the students the way in which a strategy is implemented and the company’s planning cycle.

Since „VUCA“ times require that adopted business strategies and plans be adapted and implemented in changing circumstances, the students were informed about the main activities carried out by the company during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also learned how the pandemic affects the employees of a large company like DDOR and the most common challenges management faces in organizing business activities – above all, health-related, but also financial. Every challenge is an opportunity for growth and development, which Dejan Botić explained using the example of prompt response and development of new products ready to meet clients’ expectations: Epidemic Protect and travel health insurance with COVID coverage, while emphasizing positive effects which continued even after the pandemic in the period of „new normal“.

The second guest lecture was given on January 13 by the director of Brand positioning department Marko Putnik, at the initiative of Prof. Dražen Marić, as part of the Marketing course. The topic of the lecture was Advertisement of services in financial institutions using the example of DDOR Osiguranje. Using the campaign „For a forest in your area“ as an example, he explained the process of creating a campaign: from acknowledging the problem of the automotive industry as the general sponsor of last year’s Belgrade Car Show, to developing communication strategies and tactics, organizing accompanying promotional activities, involving employees, and measuring the results achieved. He also highlighted the importance of PR activities, especially in crisis situations.

Students showed great interest in both lectures and used the interactive presentation to ask some very interesting questions.

The two lectures are the first in a series of lectures based on which students will acquire both basic and broader knowledge of DDOR’s operations and have the opportunity to apply for internships and become future employees of DDOR. Close cooperation between business and science helps prepare future generations of professionals in the insurance industry, which is beneficial for the country and society as a whole.