What do you know about us?

DDOR launches the new Facebook education for its Fans.

With an aim to educate people about insurance, from October 1 to December 1, DDOR will organize Happy Monday, Tuesday and Friday. On these days, we will ask questions regarding DDOR to our Facebook Fans. It is required to know the answer and be the fastest, and in return DDOR will give you various interesting gifts.

Everi morning, on happy days we will publish what are we giving for that day and at what time will pe post question on DDOR page.

The questions will be related to our Company and services, while all the answers you can easily find on our WebSite.

Be first to give the answer to our question and win interesting gifts!
Information about Facebook Education

The right to participate in DDOR Facebook Education have all adults – citizens and/or residents of the Republic of Serbia, apart from those employed in DDOR Novi Sad company, or any other legal entity that is involved in organizing this Facebook Action, as well as their immediate family members: parents, children and spouses.
Mode for winner announcement:

Every morning, after a happy day DDOR Novi Sad will announce within this site who are the winners of gifts, who is the facebook fan who first answered correctly to the question, and in recognition we will congratulate to the winner in the status of the question asked on the Facebook page. One person cannot win more than one prize in a period of 30 days.
Mode for collecting the prize:

In order to organize the delivery of gifts, it is necessary that winners send in DDOR facebook inbox following information – name, social security number, address, phone number and e-mail address. When taking over the prizes in the nearest branch of DDOR where the gift will be delivered, the prize winners are obliged to present for inspection their personal document due to their identification.

1. October – Snežana Nikolić