Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina and Confindustria Serbia Sign Cooperation Agreement – DDOR Supports cooperation between private and public sector

Patricio del Tos, the President of the ‘Confindustria Serbia’ association, and Boško Vučurević, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina, signed an agreement today to collaborate on representing the interests of their members, organizing educational programs, business events, conferences, and participation in trade fairs. Boško Vučurević, the President of the Chamber of Commerce[…]

ESG Business Transformation: Challenges, Opportunities, and the Key to Success

The implementation of ESG principles in business (Environmental, Social, Governance) has undoubtedly become imperative for success. To make this process efficient, timely ESG reporting on the impact of business operations on the environment (Environmental), social environment (Social), and the way a company manages its organization (Governance) is essential. These crucial topics were the focus of[…]

The DDORaSADnik project continues – investing in young people for even stronger company in the future!

Continuing its decades-long tradition, DDOR osguranje has undoubtedly progressed because it is primarily made up of people – professionals and experts who, through their work, knowledge, and dedication, provide success and instill a sense of security in their clients. Thanks to these outstanding individuals, DDOR company continues to shape and nurture future professionals through the[…]

Regional damage reporting center at a new location in Belgrade

DDOR osiguranje continues its strategic investments in improving the quality of the working environment and in making products and services more accessible to customers. In this context, we would like to inform our clients about the relocation of the Regional Center for Claims Reporting to new business premises in New Belgrade, Block 21, at Antifašističke[…]

Francesco Masci has been appointed as Deputy Chairman of the Italian-Serbian Chamber

Mr. Francesco Masci has been appointed as Deputy Chairman of the Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce at the Management Board session held on 29th June 2023, which represents recognition of his unwavering work, experience, expertise, and significant contribution to the expansion of the Italian-Serbian community. As the Chairman of the Executive Board of DDOR osiguranje, he[…]

DDOR stands alongside the clients affected by heavy rainfall in Serbia

DDOR announced today that a comprehensive package of measures has been conceived to lessen the burden of the its customers, following the severe rainfall that hit Serbia in May. Francesco Masci, Chairman of the Executive Board of DDOR, said: “The population and our customers are severely hit by extreme weather events and because of this,[…]

The future of life insurance reflects in modernization and improvement of term insurance – DDOR in Sarajevo at the Meeting of insurers and reinsurers

The 34th Meeting of insurers and reinsurers was held in Sarajevo from June 14 to June 16, which once again brought together insurance industry leaders from the region and the world. The main topic was “Insurance and reinsurance in the function of energy and energy sources”. The two-day conference brought together more than 200 experts[…]

Insurance as imperative for good business – DDOR supported the “Business in Heels” Conference

How to start business and succeed in the entrepreneurial world? How to create a brand from a small business and how best to market that brand? – are only some of the questions that were discussed at the seventh “Business in Heels” Conference dedicated to female entrepreneurship. More and more women are boldly and confidently[…]