DDOR and Belgrade Dance Festival

Our company is one of the initiators of the fundraiser to benefit the pupils of the Ballet School.

Belgrade Dance Festival

The „12th Belgrade Dance Festival – CAPTURE LIGHT” will be taking place in Belgrade from March 23rd to April 9th, 2015. As one of the most prominent European dance art events, the twelfth Belgrade Dance Festival provides audiences in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Vršac, and Pančevo with the opportunity to view an attractive selection of international ballet productions.

In line with the company’s dedication to provide financial support for the development of culture, arts, sports, and education, „DDOR Novi Sad” has decided to take part in creating a quality event, through its donation, as well as to be one of the initiators of the fundraiser for pupils of the Ballet School – National Dance Foundation, more precisely their professional development in seminars in Florence, Rome, and Geneva, as well as for organizing the guest appearance of the extraordinary ballet teacher and pedagogue of the Academy of Teatro alla scala in Milan – Mara Fusco.

Founded in 2010, the National Dance Foundation has the task of satisfying the necessary administrative, organizational, and financial requirements for continual work with young talents in Serbia and the region. The Foundation is meant to bridge the gap between the dance experience of older generations and those who have yet to contribute to the development and affirmation of dance art.

The Ballet School opened in September 2011 in Belgrade as the result of cooperation between the National Dance Foundation from Belgrade and renowned international institutions such as the Academy of Teatro alla scala in Milan, Paris Conservatory of Music and Dance, and Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. The Foundation has also been cooperating with Vaganova Ballet Academy from St. Petersburg since the school year of 2012/2013.

We have chosen to place our faith in these wonderful young people and to support them.
Won’t you join us?