DDOR Novi Sad at the Agricultural Fair (May 14-21)

At this year’s Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, DDOR Novi Sad offered all visitors special advantages, in cooperation with the RES Trade company, the importer of agricultural vehicles and mechanization „John Deere“. All Fair visitors who bought agricultural mechanization manufactured by „John Deere“ during any of the eight days of the fair, received a 20% discount on DDOR’s casco insurance policy.

In addition to this special discount, vehicle owners had the opportunity to determine the price of their casco insurance in line with their financial circumstances, by selecting those risks against which they wished to insure their vehicle or agricultural mechanization. It was also possible to select the type of share in claims coverage, as well as the mode of payment, since the amount is payable in installments or by a single payment with discount. Additional bonuses could also be gained if the vehicle or machine owner had had no reported claims over the previous years, which are options available regardless of fair events.

Numerous visitors to DDOR’s stand were hosted by DDOR’s branch offices from Vojvodina, which greeted their longstanding clients and established a multitude of new contacts.