DDOR at Zmaj’s Children’s Games

DDOR at Zmaj’s Children’s Games


June 1 – June 5, 2011

Understanding the role, importance and rich history of Zmaj’s Children’s Games, which were held for the 54th time in Novi Sad, DDOR Novi Sad became involved with this manifestation by means of participating and providing financial support.

DDOR’s Info desk was situated in the city’s downtown area, and in order to make the event more imaginative and festive, the company’s promoters handed out balloons and notepads.

Zmaj’s Children’s Games were officially opened at Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj’s Memorial House. At this year’s Games, one of the awards was presented to Timothy John Byford, the author of a legendary TV show “Neven”, actor, TV and film producer and educator.

Over 10,000 children and youngsters participated along with 70 children’s authors in 60 programme selections. The closing ceremony was marked by the performance of a notable band S.A.R.S. at the Serbian National Theatre’s Great Hall.

Numerous programme contents, great attendance and beautiful weather, as well as thousands of toddlers, some of them attending the Games for the very first time, marked this year’s edition of the festival.

Interactive programme and presence of artists creating for children and the young, made it possible for kids to actively participate in the programmes, transforming Novi Sad into a petite cultural capital.