Francesco Masci was a participant in the online presentation of the Disaster Risk Register

On the occasion of the online Presentation of the Disaster Risk Register of the Republic of Serbia, an innovative tool that enables the identification and assessment of the level of risk from natural and other disasters, relevant participants from public and private sector received important insights about the options that this newly introduced platform enables to various sectors of the economy.

Addressing the participants, Francesco Masci, CEO of DDOR osiguranje underlined that this initiative is crucial for the whole underwriting process and the risk assessment related to the causes, sources and the extend of the catastrophic events and said:

“We have had the support of our Unipol Group related to the introduction of the new models for mitigating risks in the environment of unprecedented weather events due to the climate change. In this process we were seeking best possible data sources in order to feed our platforms for underwriting and risk assessment. It seems that Disaster Risk Registry could be a is going to be our valuable tool for such analysis and predictions.”

This unique system was created as a result of the collaboration between the Sector for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia (SVS), the Republic Geodetic Authority (RGZ), and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and was established with financial support from the European Union. Although originally conceived as a tool for prevention and response in emergency situations, the Risk Registry has surpassed its initially defined boundaries, enabling decisions about personal and capital investments based on reliable information about the degree of property risk in a specific area, while also facilitating the process of damage assessment after natural disasters.