Humanitarian DDOR Golf tournament

DDOR Novi Sad has organized a humanitarian Golf tournament for its clients and the members of the Golf Club Centre. During the course of the tournament over RSD 650,000 was raised for the „Humane Heart“ fund from Šabac.

All participating companies, golfers, even the Golf Club, contributed in donations, raising the total of RSD 650,000 for the Fund.

Being the organizer of the event, DDOR Novi Sad donated additional RSD 300,000. The amount raised will be used to help young couples who wish to start a family, but don’t have means of their own.

On behalf of DDOR, Maurizio Valla, Executive Director of Marketing and Sales at DDOR presented the cheque for RSD 300,000 to the President of the Fund, Ružica Popović.

„The goal of this tournament was to become a part of the solution and therefore improve the living conditions of impoverished citizens, families and children without parents. Caring for the community and social responsibility are what we and Fondiaria SAI Group, our parent company, constantly strive for.“

„Humane Heart“ from Šabac raises funds to help impoverished families by adapting and refurbishing housing facilities, and also by funding talented pupils and students. Since its establishing in 2009, the Fund raised over RSD 9,500,000 in donations and RSD 2,300,000 in goods. The proceeds were used by 140 families and individuals.

For those present this was an opportunity to swing a golf club for the very first time, learn the basics and hear the details from the history of golf, one of the most popular individual sports.