The DDORaSADnik project continues – investing in young people for even stronger company in the future!

Continuing its decades-long tradition, DDOR osguranje has undoubtedly progressed because it is primarily made up of people – professionals and experts who, through their work, knowledge, and dedication, provide success and instill a sense of security in their clients.

Thanks to these outstanding individuals, DDOR company continues to shape and nurture future professionals through the DDORaSADnik project, which began two years ago and is now entering its next phase. Based on the historical success of the “DDOR School of insurance” combined with the best practices of Unipol’s “Next Generation” project, this project brought together a portion of DDOR’s experts and young talents for a special mission last weekend in Vrdnik.



















Over the next six months, DDORaSADnik members will be divided into eight multidisciplinary teams, working on creating and developing projects to enhance the company’s operations in line with a three-year strategic plan. Each team will have the support and guidance of a mentor and an external consulting team. The mentors consist of eight colleagues who are experts in various fields. The teams’ work will also be supervised and directed by four members of the Steering Committee, and the final decision on the winning team at the end of the competition will be made by a jury consisting of Chairman of the Executive Board of the DDOR osguranje, Francesco Masci, as well as board members Tatjana Rakočević and Vladimir Malešević.

In this special atmosphere, attendees had the opportunity to learn about the history, strategic plans of both the Unipol Group and DDOR’s business development plans, and briefly experience how the company once lived and nurtured its professionals. On this occasion, Chairman of the Executive Board of the DDOR osguranje, Francesco Masci, emphasized his strong belief that the best team is not made up of the greatest players but consists of the greatest team players.

„We must be first extremely thankful to all the DDOR ladies and men who have actively contributed, over the last decades, with their passion, knowledge, commitment and true sense of belonging to the Company, to determine what DDOR is today. Gradually, we continue building a long-term successful company day by day. It is the youth who will assist us in this process with their passion, energy and talentIn this regard, a positive, constructive and proactive approach, optimism and the desire to achieve our goals through hard work, perseverance, and a positive attitude are the path to building a long-term, reliable, and successful company” said Masci.

Dejan Botić, Director of the Human Resources Department, expressed great satisfaction with the continuation of the “DDORaSADnik” project and emphasized that the event in Vrdnik was primarily organized to allow colleagues to get to know each other better, engage in very important topics for our company, learn more about the Unipol Group, and work on self-improvement to contribute even more strongly to the future of DDOR. He also emphasized that opportunities in life, both personally and professionally, present themselves to everyone, and it’s a matter of recognizing and seizing them in the best possible way. He is confident that the participants in the Vrdnik meeting will understand the significance of being part of DDORaSADnik in the future, connecting the dots and recognizing their role in this gathering.

At the end of the meeting, members of the Executive Board, Tatjana Rakočević and Vladimir Malešević, addressed the participants.

On this occasion, Mrs. Rakočević emphasized that this was the wonderful opportunity to meet each other as, based on her experience, only through teamwork, the individual efforts of each person, and achievements within different sectors can develop their full meaning and purpose in the context of the company’s strategy and mission. She added that with new knowledge, everyone gains the opportunity to adopt and better understand the bigger picture and the complexity of the industry they have chosen, which will undoubtedly be beneficial on their career development journey.

Vladimir Malešević, highlighted that only with the perspective of time can he conclude what impact the “DDOR School of insurace” had on his personal development and the development of his career more than 20 years ago. Very pleased that this idea, with enhancements from the Unipol Group, has been reawakened, he wished all participants and all members of DDORaSADnik to utilize the knowledge of their experienced colleagues to develop just as all participants of the “DDOR School of insurance” did once. He also emphasized that after two days of work and socializing, he sees that DDOR has all the predispositions to preserve its uniqueness and develop as a market leader, and all colleagues should unequivocally support this goal.

As teamwork and trust are the keys to a company’s growth, it is important for the company to invest time and resources in strengthening teamwork and fostering collaboration among its employees. This was certainly an outstanding example of best practices that everyone was delighted with. Both young participants and mentors passionately embraced the task, demonstrating their commitment to the company’s development and the creation of a positive working environment.

Through programs like DDORaSADnik, DDOR continues to build on the foundations laid by previous generations, supports initiatives, introduces innovative solutions, and values the dedication and passion of its employees, especially those who are growing, learning, and realizing their potential. With the knowledge and experience of their colleagues, they will be the pillars of future development, collectively writing a new chapter in DDOR’s history.