In cooperation with driving school “RM Export”, “DDOR Novi Sad” organized a training course for young drivers at the driving range of the National driving Academy NAVAK. The training course included 52 drivers with probationary driver’s license from Loznica, Mali Zvornik, Krupanj and Ljubovija.

Young drivers in training at the National Driving Academy – NAVAK.

Young drivers in training at the National Driving Academy – NAVAK.

The training course was conducted at the NAVAK driving range in NAVAK training cars, under professional supervision and in strictly controlled conditions. The participants had the chance to experience simulated frontal collision, overturning, pedestrians on the road, emergency braking when in a line of vehicles, and also learn how to handle themselves in unexpected situations, how to recognize dangers on the road, avoid them or, if worse comes to worst, minimize the consequences.

The training course is part of a multi-year youth and road safety project and successful cooperation between our Company and the National Driving Academy. The aim of the programme is to help increase the safety of all traffic participants by applying modern training methods.

All the drivers who insured their vehicles with “DDOR Novi Sad”, i.e. have MTPL or casco insurance policy, may attend one of the additional training courses – safe driving training at NAVAK for free or at reduced prices.