DDOR at the event Velikogospojinski dani

DDOR traditionally supported Velikogospojinski dani this year as well, the event that becomes more and more popular and massive each year. This year, in the period August 23/27, Novi Bečej visited 200.000 people enjoying the performances of Jelena Rozga, Toni Cetinski, Van Gogh and Zdravko Čolić. Velikogospojinski dani have reached a rank of the must[…]


DDOR initiated promotional campaign in retail facilities of “Trgopromet” AD in Subotica – FIND OUT MORE ABOUT INSURANCE! In the period from August 2012 until February 2013, all customers at “Trgopromet” retail facilities as well as all interested citizens of Subotica will have a chance to hear from “DDOR Novi Sad“ insurance agents, who will[…]