ESG Business Transformation: Challenges, Opportunities, and the Key to Success

The implementation of ESG principles in business (Environmental, Social, Governance) has undoubtedly become imperative for success. To make this process efficient, timely ESG reporting on the impact of business operations on the environment (Environmental), social environment (Social), and the way a company manages its organization (Governance) is essential. These crucial topics were the focus of[…]

The DDORaSADnik project continues – investing in young people for even stronger company in the future!

Continuing its decades-long tradition, DDOR osguranje has undoubtedly progressed because it is primarily made up of people – professionals and experts who, through their work, knowledge, and dedication, provide success and instill a sense of security in their clients. Thanks to these outstanding individuals, DDOR company continues to shape and nurture future professionals through the[…]