Gifts for Škoda customers

DDOR and Auto Centre Stojanović’s promo action starts on June 10 DDOR Novi Sad has become an exclusive partner of the new All Inclusive Auto Centre Stojanović, where clients will have a chance to buy a car from the Škoda line, arrange all classes of insurance, have their cars checked and registered. A brand new[…]

Humanitarian DDOR Golf tournament

DDOR Novi Sad has organized a humanitarian Golf tournament for its clients and the members of the Golf Club Centre. During the course of the tournament over RSD 650,000 was raised for the „Humane Heart“ fund from Šabac. All participating companies, golfers, even the Golf Club, contributed in donations, raising the total of RSD 650,000[…]

DDOR at Zmaj’s Children’s Games

DDOR at Zmaj’s Children’s Games 08.06.2011. June 1 – June 5, 2011 Understanding the role, importance and rich history of Zmaj’s Children’s Games, which were held for the 54th time in Novi Sad, DDOR Novi Sad became involved with this manifestation by means of participating and providing financial support. DDOR’s Info desk was situated in[…]