Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

As a company which combines the tradition of successful operations and worldly experience, our aim is to actively participate in promoting Serbia’s market, from providing top-class services when it comes to protection of insureds, to keeping up with the latest trends in the field of insurance programs.


By offering our clients a wide range of products, we provide them with a sense of safety based on long-standing trust placed in “DDOR Novi Sad”. We put great importance on prosperity of our shareholders, our employees, and the community we work in.

Our priorities:

  • to provide our insureds with complete safety after we take over risks, as well as to constantly develop and modernize forms of coverage
  • to provide our employees with economic security, as well as continuous professional training and business and personal improvement
  • to provide our shareholders with security of their capital
  • to actively participate in improving the local environment by investing into the community and improving our own culture of caring for our surroundings



The vision of „DDOR Novi Sad“ is to retain the leading position on the insurance market, with a realistic market share based on solid foundations.

We believe that we will maintain the financial stability of our company through stable operations, and that we will continue quick and fair payment of claims – which is the main prerequisite for keeping our insureds’ trust.

We strive towards establishing European standards in insurance operations.

We intend to ensure an equal local distribution of market share, and to expand our operations in the region through Serbia as our regional center.

We plan to actively participate in the development of life insurance, to increase the volume of insurance, particularly insurance of natural persons and small and medium companies, to develop new lines of insurance, and to actively introduce new technologies and cutting-edge information systems into our operations.