Carrier insurance


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putnickozdravstvenoCarrier insurance

Help in situation when you damage the goods you are transporting

Protection against unplanned costs, and observance of the law

If you are in the goods transport business, there is the possibility that, despite the attention of a good host, you might damage the goods which you accepted for transport. The fact that the goods and items are covered by insurance does not exempt the carrier and other persons responsible for the damage from their liability to indemnify the caused damage. DDOR Novi Sad enables you to protect yourself against unplanned costs in case of the occurrence of damage, as well as to comply with the obligations defined by legal regulations.

DDOR Novi Sad will pay for the damage which was caused to goods (items) during transport, for which you or the persons conducting transport at your order, are responsible. This insurance provides security for your professional carrier activity, as well as a fair treatment of your service users.

Special options for every form of transport

Depending on the type of vehicle, and the distances and regulations based on which the professional activity of the carrier is regulated, there are several types of insurance, namely:

  • liability insurance of road carriers in domestic transport,
  • liability insurance of road carriers in international transport (CMR),
  • insurance of shippers in inland navigation in domestic transport,
  • insurance of shippers in inland navigation in international transport.

My benefits

  • This policy covers the costs of court disputes and undertaken legal measures with regard to claims with the aim of defense against unfounded or excessive claims of transport users.
  • The costs of unloading, reloading, or loading (if any)onto a different vehicle, if the original vehicle was involved a traffic accident, with the purpose of avoiding further damage to goods (items) or reducing damage that had already occurred to the transported goods, are also covered.
  • The costs of removing and transporting the remainder of destroyed goods, with the purpose of clearing the road at the order of relevant bodies, as well as costs of determining the cause, volume, and amount of damage, are also covered.

What you need to know

  • DDOR is obliged to indemnify all the amounts that you are required to pay for damages for which you are liable in terms of valid regulations for that type of transport.
  • The liability for indemnification due to loss, shortage of, or damage to the cargo (goods) is limited to the amount prescribed under the law or by international conventions, by Protocol of CRM Convention.
  • The claim amount for loss of items is determined according to the market value of another item in the same quantity and of the same characteristics at the time and place where it was accepted for transport.