The summer is in full swing, we are planning and looking forward to travelling, but we must not forget to take some precautions. Buy a travel insurance policy and travel knowing that, should any unpredictable thing happens, your health and health of your travel passengers shall be protected.
In cooperation with the international assistant company „Europ Assistance“, „DDOR Novi Sad“ takes care of your safety during travel, and their Call Centre will provide assistance quickly and professionally 24/7 worldwide.

We would like to draw your attention to the current offer for all owners of Super Kartica. DDOR gives free travel insurance days: 1 day for trips lasting from 4 to 9 days, and 2 days for trips lasting 10 days or more.
Please find more details about this offer here.


When buying this insurance, be sure to get information about the conditions and covers, and what medical costs you will be charged abroad if even you have a policy. Everything is explained in detail in the Terms and conditions. There is a difference depending on what country you travel to, and whether there is a risk that is not so usual. Within the basic cover, the policy Travel insurance with assistance covers the costs of medical assistance due to sudden illness or injury (without extra costs for the insured), in particular:

• out-patient treatment;
• procurement of drugs and medical supplies;
• emergency transport to the nearest hospital;
• hospital treatment;
• necessary diagnostic;
• emergency operations due to acute illness;
• dental services to alleviate a cute toothache;
• as well as other expenses, in line with the insurance terms and conditions.

In addition to the costs of medical treatment and transport of the insurance, the insurance also includes the services of medical, travel, and legal assistance.

Depending on your needs and organisation of travel, you can conclude a travel policy for yourself, for a group or family. Another benefit is that, by concluding a family package, which implies insurance for both parents and underage children, or one parent and at least three underage children, you will be granted major discounts!

You can buy travel health insurance at all sales points of DDOR , by calling the Call Centre free of charge to the number 0800 303 301, and around-the-clock via the website (policies bought via the Call Centre and website are delivered to your home or e-mail address, free of charge).