Unfortunately, sudden natural disasters in Vojvodina are increasingly more common. In mid-July, the area between Sombor and Subotica was affected by heavy rain, ice and hail.

fotka suncokret

Natural disasters are increasingly more frequent and have caused substantial damage to agricultural farms this year.
Crops were nearly completely destroyed on a large number of arable land areas, while on others the damage was less extensive. The lodging of crops, destroyed by adverse weather conditions in just around 20 minutes, has caused significant material damage to farmers.

“DDOR Novi Sad” has carried out initial appraisal with a team of experts. The exact amount of material damage to the areas insured will be known once the process is finalised.

In addition to agrotechnical measures, insurance of agricultural production becomes a necessity as a form of its economic protection. By insuring your crops and fruits, you protect your agricultural crops against numerous risks they’re exposed to, throughout the year.

The insureds, who haven’t yet reported the damage at their agricultural farm, may do so by visiting the nearest branch office of DDOR or by calling the Customer support centre, free of charge, at 0800 303 301.