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    What DDOR policy have you bought?

    Were you familiar with the advantages and terms of the insurance you arranged, namely, did the salesman explained to you all the terms before you signed the policy?

    If you have bought a DDOR policy online, are you satisfied with the very process of online shopping as well as the manner of delivery of the policy?

    Are you satisfied with the terms of insurance that you arranged?

    If you had suffered a loss, was your claim settled soon after you had reported it or you had to wait a longer period?

    Are you satisfied with the amount of paid indemnity? Are you satisfied with the conduct of the employees engaged in claim assessment and payment?

    Do you have any objections as to the entire process, from claim reporting to final payment?

    What amount of annual premium you find affordable?

    Do you intend to arrange new insurance in the future, if yes, which one?

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