Burglary theft and robbery insurance


Insurance for business free of unforeseen situations.


provaleBurglary theft and robbery insurance

Your property is entirely to valuable to be left to chance

The only true protection

Unfortunately, burglary thefts and robberies are an everyday occurrence. DDOR Novi Sad provides you with a quality policy as the only adequate protection in case of theft.

It is best not to test the inventiveness of modern robbers – no protection will prove to be sufficient. Only the policy can protect you from the unwanted consequences of entry into your premises using any means, even the one intended for regular opening – if it has been obtained illegally.

Comprehensive insurance program

This policy provides insurance for the following:

  • movables (furniture, devices, stocks, small inventory, and equipment),
  • money and other means of payment, valuables,
  • money and other assets in transport,
  • items which belong to workers, items taken from third persons for repairs, sale, and lease, as pledge or for safekeeping.

This policy protects your property from burglary theft, robbery (taking away by use of force or threat), attempted or executed vandalism during burglary theft.

My benefits

  • The assets invested into securing your property can enable you to obtain a discount on writing insurance.
  • Money and other valuables are insured while on your premises, as well as during transport, and not only against robbery, but also against traffic accidents!
  • You can select the annual limit of coverage which is exhausted by one or several claims – insurance “at first risk”. By selecting this manner of insurance, you will save on premium, because the sum insured “at first risk” can be significantly lower than the total value of the insured property.
  • Costs incurred by measures undertaken for preventing damage are also covered by insurance.