Your land always in the palm of your hand

DDOR TERRA is a unique technological solution intended for all agricultural producers who insured their crops and fruits in DDOR. This platform allows all farmers to have on their smart phones an overview of active insurance policies of their crops and fruits, and to quickly and simply report damages to their fields or orchards.

The DDOR TERRA app, developed with the Biosense institute – leader in development of agrotechnology solutions – uses cutting edge GIS (geographical information system) models for claim notification. This way, aside from speed and precision, the need for direct contact is reduced and the process of claim assessment and settlement is accelerated.

DDOR osiguranje, as a leader in agricultural insurance and a recognizable partner for insurance of agricultural producers and other parts of the agricultural chain, by presenting the new DDOR TERRA app continued its role of an innovator and an integral component of development of the entire insurance industry, as well as agricultural industry.

The new platform combines the mobile app for users, available at the Google Play store, and a web app used by assessors of crops and fruits claims under policies of DDOR osiguranje. The mobile app for users is free. The web app uses advanced filters of satellite footage of insured land in order to best examine the cause and degree of damage to crops or fruits on the land.

DDOR TERRA – Fast and simple activation and registration of the mobile app

Activate and register the mobile app in just a few steps:

  1. Arranging a crops and fruits insurance policy with registration of an e-mail address for accessing the DDOR TERRA mobile app.
  2. Receiving an e-mail that contains links for:
    1. Account activation by clicking at – Activation;
    2. Downloading and installing the DDOR TERRA app from Google Play to your mobile device;
    3. Determining and confirming the password and entering other required data.
  1. Logging into the DDOR TERRA app using the registered e-mail address (username) and selected password.
  1. Overview of insured lots.
  1. In case of a loss event, claim is notified according to the instruction in the e-mail received after concluding a policy.