„DDOR Novi Sad“ is accessible to clients throughout Serbia over the wide network divided in eight regions. DDOR has 23 branch offices, 16 operating units, 25 local offices and 24 business offices.

The „DDOR Novi Sad“ family boasts 1,350 employees and external associates.

Operating results

In 2013, gross written premium was 8.3 billion dinars or 72.3 million euros.  Casco insurance is represented with a total of 14.4%, MTPL insurance covers 23.7% of total premium, and other non-life insurance are represented with 54.7% of total premium. Life insurance participates in total premium with 7.2%.

The growth was achieved in the area of life insurance, as well as other non-life insurance, which now occupy more than 50% of the total portfolio.

A detailed list of DDOR premises can be found here.