Accident insurance for employees


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Ensure the safety of your employees, their families and your own safety.

Care and concern

If you are concerned about the safety of your employees and their loved ones, this is exactly the form of insurance you need. Namely, combined group insurance of employees is a combination of economic protection against the consequences of injuries sustained at work, during carrying out regular work activities, on the way to and from work, as well as during everyday activities. In addition, this insurance covers the most severe consequence of illness that could befall your employees.

Complete protection

Insurance can be arranged in the event of: death due to accident, dismemberment, temporary occupational disability (daily allowance), health deterioration which requires medical treatment (treatment costs).

You can select the combination of risks. By arranging all the above risks, you will obtain complete insurance protection.

The insured sum to which you write insurance determines the amount of indemnity which is paid out to the insured or insurance beneficiary in case of an accident. You can decide on the amount of insured sums. By selecting higher insured sums, you will ensure higher amounts of indemnity.

Good to know

  • If your organization has not written insurance or you wish to ensure greater safety, you can write this type of insurance according to a list of interested persons. In this case, your premium will be paid by monthly deductions from your salary.
  • Group insurance of employees can also cover the members of their joint households, under the same terms and conditions. Persons aged between 14 and 75 are eligible for insurance.